How To Cut Paving Bricks | Guide By Expert Paving Contractor

Wet saw cutting paving bricks

Need to cut paving bricks but not sure where to start? This straightforward guide on “how to cut paving bricks” offers everything you need to know about choosing the right tool and executing the cut with precision. From safety tips to avoid common pitfalls to actionable methods for both straight and curved cuts, you’ll discover […]

How To Level Ground For Paving | Steps For A Perfect Patio

Levelling ground for paving is the first step towards a stable and visually pleasing outdoor space. This guide on how to level ground for paving cuts straight to the chase, offering you a clear path to preparing your site for paving stones. We’ll cover everything from site clearing to compaction without any fluff, so you […]

How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Paving | Step-by-Step Guide

Person using a weeding tool to remove weeds from paving

Tired of weeds ruining your paving? This article goes straight to the point, detailing practical steps on how to get rid of weeds in paving. From hand-pulling to eco-friendly solutions and maintenance tips to prevent future growth, we’ll guide you to a clean, weed-free surface without the fluff or sales pitches. If you’re in need […]

How to Lay Crazy Paving (Step-by-Step Guide)

Ready to tackle crazy paving? Whether you’re eyeing a garden path or a patio overhaul, our straightforward guide demystifies the process. Get the nitty-gritty on selecting stones, prepping your space, and laying everything down for a durable and captivating result. Let’s jump into how to lay crazy paving and elevate your outdoor aesthetic. If you’re […]

What Sand Should I Use For Paving? (Expert Advice)

paving sand

A successful paving project, with both durability and aesthetic charm, can be accomplished when you make the right sand choice. Adhering to a comprehensive guide throughout your paved area construction is integral for ensuring long-term success – so let’s unravel the mysteries of carrying out an effective and lasting paving venture! It all begins by […]

How To Determine Paver Thickness For Patios & Driveways

brick paving adelaide

Are you planning to revamp your patio or install a new driveway? One crucial aspect that can make or break your project’s success is choosing the right paver thickness. This might seem like a minor detail, but the right paver thickness ensures longevity, durability, and a visually appealing result. So, “how do I know how […]

How To Choose the Right Paver Colour (2024 Guide)

Marcin walking on freshly laid paving

You might be wondering, which colour paver should I choose for my driveway or patio? Choosing the right paver colour can be a key factor when it comes to designing an outdoor space that is both attractive and functional, as these colours influence not only the design but also contribute towards creating a desired atmosphere. […]

What Is Herringbone Paving? (Guide From Expert Pavers)


Are you looking for an eye-catching and durable surface to add flair and interest to your garden? Look no than herringbone paving! In this blog post, we’ll provide a complete overview of what it is and how it’s installed, from the essential materials needed down to precise steps. We will also address any questions about […]

What Type of Pavers Are Most Durable (Heavy Duty Paving)

Cleaning a paving site in Adelaide

Are you looking for pavers that can stand the test of time? It might be wise to invest in durable paving stones, such as those used on patios and driveways. Learn more about what type is most suitable for an outdoor project, its particular characteristics, and how to decide which material will work best at […]

What Is A Paving Contractor? (Learn Exactly What They Do)


When you consider the improvements that could be made to your driveway, garden path or patio, paving contractors can help. Adelaide is home to some of Australia’s best paving contractors, including Paving SA. Paving plays an important role in the function, beauty and market value of a home, which is why this guide focuses on […]