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Marcin is the owner and director of Paving SA, an Adelaide-based contractor providing high-quality paving, concrete, earthmoving, and retaining wall services. With over a decade of experience, Marcin's attention to detail and dedication to quality have earned him a loyal client base and glowing reputation in Adelaide.

Experience: Marcin has 20+ years experience installing and repairing paving, earthmoving, concrete and retaining walls Adelaide.

Expertise: Marcin has a high level of expertise in the paving industry. He has gained knowledge through hands on experience as well as obtaining the appropriate licenses and insurance to provide paving services in Adelaide, South Australia.

Phone: 0401 187 807
Email: marcin@pavingsa.com.au
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Paving SA ACN: 636619433
Paving SA ABN: 65838647042

Marcin Czechura walking down a paving site in Adelaide

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